Mr. Greg’s Reptile Roadshow

Dear friends, colleagues and associates,   It is with very mixed emotions that I am advising everyone that I retired from Environmental Education programing as of mid-July of this year.  July 13th was my very last day of programing and my last program was proudly presented at the Dunwoody Nature Center.  The Center provided me with a very nice send off with a cake and a party with lots of summer camp students and their entire staff and many of their volunteers.  A lot has taken place since July.  My wife and I have sold our house and we are now full-time RV'ers.  We will be traveling all over the U.S and Canada, spending a great deal of time in National Parks, hiking, bird watching and in general, just enjoying nature.  Grandchildren will be joining us regularly so we can introduce them to the many wonders of this incredible country  Many of my animals, including my big black-throated monitor lizard, the big albino pythons etc. are now in possession of Ken Panse, The Reptile Wrangler.  Ken has been providing live reptile programs for many years and you can certainly contact Ken for future needs in live reptile programming.  It has been a great pleasure working with so many schools, nature centers, scouting groups and individuals over the past years.  Proudly, I reached over 100,000 students over the past 6 years.  I will miss the smiling faces of students and the many wonderful teachers and parents, many of which have become friends.  Thank you all for your consideration of my profession over the years.    My personal contact info will stay the same.    e-mail:      With best regards to everyone,  Greg Greer