Reptile Birthday Party Atlanta

Mr. Greg’s Reptile Roadshow provides live educational animal presentations to wow your guests at birthday parties, day camps, school class rooms or any group event.  This one-of-a-kind creature feature allows children to explore their sense of touch, from scaly reptiles to slimy amphibians, while teaching them fun facts about our friends in nature.

Mr. Greg comes to you and can customize a program to fit your needs! We have programs tailored to School Programs, Birthday Parties, Special Events, Scout Programs and Interpretive Hikes.

Program Details

  • Features unique non-venomous lizards, snakes, turtles, tortoises, frogs and arachnids acclimated for “hands-on” presentations.
  • Presentations – Age Appropriate – for ALL ages, young and old
  • Best for group size up to 25 students or party guests.  This allows for all children to touch a wide variety of reptiles during the presentation.


1 hour program :    ;  $225
45 minute program :  $200
30 minute program :  $175

Multiple programs, ideal for schools and special events

2 – 30 minute programs: total time: 1 hour :  $225
1 – 1 hour program :  $225
1 -30 minute program & 1 – 1 hour program :  $265
4 – 30 minute programs: total time: 2 hours :  $300
6 – 30 minute programs: total time: 3 hours :  $350
8 – 30 minute programs: total time: 4 hours :  $400
Full day programs: any time over 5 hours :  $450

Interpretive hikes can be scheduled per hour or for the full day rate: Interpretation on hikes can be geared for any age or grade level and can be provided as to particular topics or may be opportunistic observations including ecology, plants, insects & spiders, reptiles & amphibians, birds and mammals.

Mileage rates: I do not charge mileage or additional gas surcharges for travel to and from programs, within a reasonable distance (40 mile radius, as the crow flies) from Marietta, Ga. This actually covers an extremely large area. For programs at greater distances, please give me a call to discuss the very minimal fee I charge for additional miles.


Please Note:

  • Programs can be tailored to fit “exactly” what your needs are in regards to school curriculums.
  • Programs can be provided, weekdays, evenings and weekends.
  • Please call to get your program on the calendar for your preferred date & time.

Contact us Today for Additional Information and Availability!
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